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Bevel gear box
Electric/manual bevel gearbox/Valve bevel gearbox/Bevel gearbox customization/Bevel gear box/Two-stage bevel gear box/Bevel gear box/see more
Vortex (worm) gear box
Turbine box wholesale/Turbine box customization/Valve turbine box/Two-stage worm gear box/Single-stage worm gear box/Electric worm gear box/see more
Valve stem
Valve stem/Valve stem customization/Valve stem wholesale/Gate valve stem/Globe valve stem/Stem connecting rod/see more
Bolt series
Hexagon head bolt/Hex bolts/Hexagon socket bolt/Full thread stud/Live bolt/Anchor bolt/see more
Nut series
Hex nut/Hexagon nut/see more
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The company adheres to the enterprise spirit of "integrity, pragmatism, hard work, and innovation", and sincerely cooperates with customers and advances hand in hand to create a brilliant future.
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Zhengzhou Ever-Power Co., Ltd. is a large-scale fastener manufacturer in the Central Plains region. It has introduced high-speed bearing type five- and six-die forming machines from Taiwan to produce high-strength fasteners that integrate scientific research, development, production, sales, and service. modern industry.The company has more than 12 sets of equipment, Z14 series bolt cold heading machine, ZXNUMX series nut cold heading machine can produce various performance grades, various materials, various specifications of hexagonal bolts, double Head studs, corner bolts, nuts, special-shaped parts.At the same time, the company has developed valve-specific manual devices according to market demand: bevel gears, turbine boxes, single-stage, multi-stage, multi-turn and partial-turn drive devices of various specifications, as well as gate valve stems and globe valve stems. .

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The wheel engine accelerates better.The small displacement valve worm gearbox engine uses air compression to drive the turbine to increase the engine air intake to increase the output power, and its advantages are particularly reflected in the power.This is because a turbo engine has a greater lung capacity, and people with a larger lung capacity will certainly exercise more vigorously.
Rubber seals are the basic components of mechanical products. The use of seals can prevent liquid leakage and prevent air and pollutants from entering the system and components to cause liquid pollution, so as to improve product efficiency and performance.
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