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How to calculate the size of the worm gear box?
Time: 2021-05-27

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       Worm gear boxes must be measured and accounted for their dimensions before they are sold. Otherwise, it is prone to inappropriate phenomena. However, many novices are not clear about the calculation method of the scale. Let's talk about how to calculate the size of the worm gear box. 1. Worm and worm gear drives are usually self-locking.When the spiral lead angle l of the worm is less than the equivalent friction angle between the gear teeth, the worm gear structure will self-lock, that is, it cannot be transformed by the worm gear and the worm (see Chapter 2 for the self-locking property of the organization).Because of this self-locking (self-locking), so that the worm and worm gear tissue is often used in lifting equipment. 1. There are basic parameters in the main section: modulus and pressure angle.For the worm, call the axial face modulus ma1 and the axial pressure angle aa2; for the worm wheel, call the end face modulus mt2 and the end pressure angle at3. 4. The meshing of the worm and worm wheel in the main section is the meshing of the involute rack and gear. 5. In other sections of the parallel main section, there are a pair of different non-involute rack and pinion meshes, but regardless of the shape of the meshing tooth profile, there is a meshing point (touch point), which consists of countless The collection of the profile shows that the meshing of the worm and worm gear is a line touch, and the meshing of each pair of gear teeth is also gradually engaged and gradually withdrawn, so the touch line also changes from short → long → short.As a result, the worm and worm gear drive is stable, has low vibration and noise, and bears high skill. 1. Worm and worm gear transmission can obtain a larger transmission ratio.Because the number of teeth z2 of the worm is small, the number of teeth z12 of the worm wheel can be many, so the transmission ratio i1=w2/w2=z1/z12 can be very large, usually i10=100 ~ 12.In index organization or manual organization, i300 can reach more than XNUMX.The above points are the description of the basic method of worm gear box scale calculation.

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