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Performance and maintenance of valve worm gear box seals
Time: 2019-06-21

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Rubber seals are the basic components of mechanical products. The use of seals can prevent liquid leakage and prevent air and pollutants from entering the system and components to cause liquid pollution, so as to improve product efficiency and performance.
The use of rubber seals meets the following properties:
1) The leakage is small and the sealing effect is good.
2) Good compatibility. Hydraulic seals are required to have good compatibility with environmental media (water, air), and will not swell, dissolve or become embrittled or hardened due to long-term contact with the media, which will cause them to lose their sealing effect.
3) The frictional resistance is small. The hydraulic seals are required to have low static and dynamic frictional resistance, and their friction coefficient should be very stable to avoid or reduce low-pressure crawling and other undesirable phenomena.
4) Long service life, hydraulic seals should have good elasticity, heat resistance, cold resistance, pressure resistance, wear resistance and certain physical and mechanical strength.
5) Low price.Hydraulic seals should be easy to manufacture and install, and the corresponding sealing grooves are easy to process and manufacture, have low requirements on the processing accuracy of the sealing surface, and are low in price.
The oil-resistant rubber commonly used for seals is nitrile rubber, which is made by copolymerizing butadiene and acrylonitrile.It has good oil resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, pressure resistance and water resistance, air tightness and excellent adhesion properties, and has suitable wear resistance. The usual use temperature is about -40~+120 ℃, can be used in the air at 120℃ or oil at 150℃ for a long time.
Nitrile rubber O-rings are commonly used self-sealing compression hydraulic seals. They usually produce 10% to 25% radial elastic compression deformation when installed in the sealing groove, and produce high initial contact stress on the sealing surface. , It will force the lip of the lip-type sealing ring to close to the sealing surface, generating sufficient surface contact stress, thereby preventing the leakage of liquid in both directions, and has low frictional resistance, stable work, and easy assembly and maintenance.
The resin retaining ring can achieve the following functions: positioning the O-shaped rubber ring when the valve position indicates rotation to prevent it from rolling, skewing, and deforming under the action of friction; balancing the contact pressure, avoiding the edge trimming of the seal, and strengthening the sealing effect; surface Sealant should be applied when it is rough; reduce dynamic friction and avoid undesirable phenomena such as low-pressure crawling; it also has auxiliary sealing function.
The sealing effect of hydraulic rubber seals is not only related to the structural design of the sealing device, the performance of the sealing material and the manufacturing quality of the seal, but also the assembly method and rationality of the seal.Using the correct assembly method to assemble the hydraulic equipment, the seal is not easy to be damaged, the elasticity is good, and the service life is long, which is beneficial to improve the quality and sealing performance of the product.
During the maintenance process, the seals should be prevented from damage, such as hardening (aging), abrasion, extrusion, and corrosion.When the hardness is too high, the seal cannot fill the gap between the mating parts, and leakage will occur.The wear of the seals involves the surface finish, movement speed and transmission media of the matching parts. Different sealing materials adapt to different movement speeds.When the seal is subjected to excessive pressure, it will be squeezed into the metal gap, which will damage the seal and cause leakage. This situation involves the hardness of the seal itself and whether the metal gap is too large. If it is designed, selected, processed or installed Improper handling will cause extrusion damage.Corrosion is manifested by the softening or even dissolving of the seals. The reason is that the harmful medium is in contact. Special attention should be paid when the medium contains water or solvent.
In order to improve the reliability of the valve and prolong the service life of the valve, it is very important to do a good job of maintenance during the production period.At present, for the valves that have been put into production, the gear box is sealed to ensure that the sealing point does not leak, which is a way to solve the corrosion of the gear box.Therefore, it is recommended to purchase corresponding seals for the gearbox according to the above method; improve the installation accuracy of the valve gearbox; use a fixed torque wrench to install the bolts diagonally to ensure the establishment of a complete sealing surface; carry out preventive maintenance management and formulate a periodic maintenance plan And strictly implement.
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