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Which of the valve worm gear box and the naturally aspirated engine has better acceleration performance
Time: 2019-06-24

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The wheel engine accelerates better.The small displacement valve worm gearbox engine uses air compression to drive the turbine to increase the engine's air intake to increase the output power. Its advantages are particularly reflected in the power.This is because a turbo engine has a larger lung capacity, and people with a larger lung capacity will certainly exercise more vigorously.The power of the valve worm gearbox engine can generally reach the level of a naturally aspirated engine with a displacement of about 1.3 to 1.5 times.But this is only a general level. In actual performance, the "stay force" of a turbo engine after 3000 rpm will be stronger than that of a naturally aspirated engine, and some excellent valve worm gear box engines can provide an exciting "climax".Relatively speaking, even if the stamina of a naturally aspirated engine is present, it is not so exciting.But the valve worm gear box also has the shortcoming in this respect: the response is lagging.Although the valve worm gear box can indeed increase the power of the engine, it has many shortcomings. The obvious ones are the loud noise and the lagging response of the power output.Due to the inertia of the rotor, the impeller reacts slowly to sudden changes in the throttle.From stepping on the accelerator and hoping to increase the speed immediately, to the high-speed rotation of the impeller to press more air into the engine, there is a time difference, and this time is not short.Generally, the modified turbine takes at least 2 seconds to increase or decrease the pressure of the intake air.If you want to accelerate suddenly, you will feel as if you can't get up to speed in an instant.
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