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Analysis of aluminum worm gear box
Time: 2021-04-22

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Application of aluminum worm gear box: butterfly valves, ball valves, and plug valves that rotate 90° to open can be applied to this aluminum worm gear box.
Structural features of aluminum worm gear box:
Because the shell is made of aluminum alloy, it is more beautiful and generous.It has the characteristics of aluminum alloy: small size and light weight.
The design is reasonable, the output torque is large, and it is labor-saving and portable.
In addition, it also has the characteristics of convenient operation.
The aluminum worm gear box switch indicator is directly connected to the worm gear, and the instructions are accurate and intuitive.
The aluminum worm gear box can be equipped with a coupler according to the needs of users, and made into different apertures and hole types, with strong adaptability and strong interchangeability.
Warm reminder of aluminum worm gear box:
This aluminum worm gear box is equipped with round hole with key and flat hole, square hole and valve connection type for users to choose, and the combination can be processed according to user requirements.
When choosing this aluminum worm gear box, please note that the connection size is consistent with the corresponding size of the valve. If you have any special requirements, please mention it when ordering.

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