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Valve stem

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Our company produces various valve stems, including butterfly valve stems, gate valve stems, globe valve stems, ball valve stems, soft-sealed valve stems, etc. Suitable for all kinds of valves, with complete models and specifications. We are a manufacturer and provide customization. Wholesale service, price concessions, quality assurance, welcome to inquire:

The valve stem is an important part of the valve. It is used for transmission. The actuator or handle is connected to the upper part. The lower part directly drives the valve core to move or rotate to realize the valve switch or adjustment function.
Valve stem characteristics
The valve stem is not only a moving part and a stressed part, but also a sealing part during the opening and closing process of the valve.At the same time, it is impacted and corroded by the medium, and it also generates friction with the filler.Therefore, when selecting the valve stem material, ensure that it has sufficient strength, good impact toughness, scratch resistance, and corrosion resistance at the specified temperature.The valve stem is a vulnerable part, and attention should be paid to the machining performance and heat treatment performance of the material when selecting it.
Stem technology
In the process of valve opening and closing, the valve stem bears the forces of tension, pressure and torsion, and is in direct contact with the medium. At the same time, there is relative frictional movement with the packing. Therefore, when selecting the valve stem material, ensure that it is in the specified It has sufficient strength, good impact toughness, scratch resistance and corrosion resistance at temperature.

There should be an anti-static mechanism at the junction of the valve stem and the ball and the contact between the valve stem and the valve body to prevent static electricity from accumulating on the ball.The valve stem should be designed to prevent it from being "blown out" under working pressure. The anti-blow-out flange on the valve stem should be treated with an annular ring to reduce the coefficient of friction.

Cause of deformation
The valve stem mainly has the advantages of being relatively compressible, capable of good heat preservation, and not easy to be corroded and rusted. It has the sealing function of both sides, is relatively resistant to wear, and its service life is relatively long.Then there are several reasons why the valve stem is broken or deformed:
1. Area
The broken part of the valve stem is usually at the bottom of its upper and lower threads, because the area of ​​that place is relatively small, and the corresponding force concentration and exceeding the standard are prone to occur.
2. It breaks when opening
Generally speaking, the valve stem will break at the moment it is opened.The main reason is that the gate has not separated from the valve seat, and the stem is broken at the root of the upper or lower thread. Under normal circumstances, it is considered that the gate is stuck. This is not the whole reason, nor is it important.
3. Valve body
After the valve body is closed, abnormal temperature rise and pressure drop occur, that is, after the valve is closed, the fluid pressure in the middle cavity enclosed between the upstream and downstream sealing surfaces is much higher than the upstream pressure.The reasons are as follows:
(1) Expansion
(2) closed

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