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Full thread stud

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product description

Our full thread studs are divided into grades 4.8, 8.8, and 10.9.Can be customized according to your needs

Specification: Metric M8-M100


National standard:
GB/T 15389-1994 Teeth
GB/T 9125-2010 Tooth rods for pipe flange connection

Chemical industry:
HG/T 20614-2009 Full Threaded Stud for Pipe Flange
HG/T 20634-2009 Full Threaded Stud for Pipe Flange
HG/T 20635-2009 Full Threaded Stud for Pipe Flange

Petrochemical: SH 3404-1996 tooth stick

Energy: NB/T 47027-2012 Fasteners for pressure vessel flanges

American Standard:
ASME/ANSI B 18.31.1M-2008 Metric Teeth
ASME/ANSI B 18.31.2-2008 continuous thread stud (thread rod or threaded rod)

German standard;
DIN 975-1986 tooth strips
DIN 976-1-1995 tooth stick
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