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Stud bolt

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product description

OurDouble-ended studThere are 4.8 grades, 8.8 grades, and 10.9 grades.Can be customized according to your needs

Stud bolt 
Stud, also called double-headed screw or double-headed stud.The fixed link function used to connect the machine. The stud bolt has threads at both ends, and the middle screw is thick or thin.Generally used in mining machinery, bridges, automobiles, motorcycles, boiler steel structures, crane towers, large-span steel structures and large buildings, etc.
Basic introduction to stud bolts
Bolts specifically refer to screws with larger diameters, and they can also have no heads, such as stud bolts.Generally, it is not called a "stud bolt" but a "double-headed stud".The commonly used form of double-ended studs has threads at both ends and a polished rod in the middle.Typical use: foundation bolts, or places similar to foundation bolts, thick connections, when ordinary bolts cannot be realized.
The main purpose of stud bolts
1. It is used in the main body of large-scale equipment, which needs to be installed with accessories, such as sight glasses, mechanical seal seat, reduction frame, etc.At this time, stud bolts are used, one end is screwed into the main body, and the other end is fitted with a nut after the attachment is installed. Since the attachment is often disassembled, the thread will be worn or damaged. It is very convenient to use the stud replacement. 2. When the thickness of the connecting body is very large, and the length of the bolt is very long, stud bolts will be used. 3. It is used to connect thick plates and places where it is inconvenient to use hexagonal bolts, such as concrete roof truss, roof beam suspension monorail beam suspension, etc.

Double-ended stud

Specification: Metric M8-M100

National standard:
GB/T 953-88: Class C double-end equal length studs 
GB/T 901-88: Class B double-end equal length studs
GB/T 900-88: bm=2d double-headed unequal-length studs
GB/T 899-88: bm=1.5d double-headed unequal-length studs
GB/T 898-88: bm=1.25d double-headed unequal-length studs
GB/T 897-88: bm=1d double-headed unequal-length studs

Chemical industry: HG/T 20613-2009 isometric double-head bolt

JB/T 2773-1992 double stud
JB/ZQ 4324-2006 double stud
JB/ZQ 4325-2006 double stud
JB/T 4707-2000 equal length stud bolts
JB/T 8007.4-1999 stud bolt

American Standard:
ASME/ANSI B 18.31.1M-2008 Metric double-ended stud
IFI 136-2002 isometric double-ended stud
IFI 528-1999 Metric Isometric Double Head Bolt

German standard:
DIN 835-2010 double-ended stud b1=2d
DIN 938-1995 thick rod double-head bolt b1=1d
DIN 939-1995 thick rod double-head bolt b1=1.25d
DIN 940-2010 double-ended stud b1=2.5d
DIN 2509-1986 double head bolt

Japanese standard: JIS B 1173-2010 stud bolt
British Standard: BS 2693-1-1956 Stud bolts
French standard: NF E 25-135-1986 stud bolt b1=1.5d
Italian standard: UNI 5911-1993 double-ended stud

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