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Bevel gear box

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product description

Our company specializes in the production of bevel gearboxes for valves. There are single-stage, double-stage, manual, electric and other models and specifications, factory direct sales, reasonable prices, support customized wholesale, welcome to inquire:
Bevel gear box introduction
1. The device is a manual device directly installed on the gate valve and the stop valve.
2. The device adopts spiral bevel gears and plane thrust bearings, which have the advantages of stable operation, large torque, low noise and high efficiency.
3. All joints are fully sealed with sealant to achieve the effect of waterproof and oil leakage, and the protection level is IP65.
4. The hand wheel and valve stem cover can be customized according to user requirements.
5. It can be connected with electric devices.
6. It can be equipped with a locking device.

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