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What is a turbine box?
Time: 2021-04-29

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Turbine Box-Turbine Worm Drive
Turbine worm rotation is used when two shafts cross at 90 degrees, but they are neither parallel nor intersecting. Usually, in turbine rotation, the worm is the active part and the turbine is the forced part.
The worm gear drive mechanism can frequently rotate forward.
The main engine of our ordinary elevators must use a worm gear transmission mechanism, which is controlled by the forward rotation when going upstairs and downstairs. Through the worm gear transmission, it is safe and reliable. Of course, such working conditions have high requirements for processing and device accuracy. At the same time, the requirements for the selected lubricating oil are also very high.
What I mean is that it is very difficult to realize an ordinary turbo-box turbo rod drive, while the elevator is a specially designed mechanism that uses the principle of turbo-worm drive.
Turbine worm drive has the following characteristics:
1) The structure is compact, and a large transmission ratio can be obtained. The general transmission ratio is 7-80.
2) Work smoothly and without noise.
3) Large scale of transmission power.
4) It can be self-locking.
5) The transmission efficiency is low, the turbine often needs to be made of non-ferrous metals, and the spiral of the worm can be divided into single-end and multi-end.
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